"Dear Dr. Chauhan and all the wonderful staff at East Valley Pet Hospital; also, the specialist surgeon; Thank you so much for the excellent care you gave to our Nuala-Anne. She is making a wonderful recovery from her surgery on her leg. We are very grateful for your help. God's blessings to all of you."  -The Prudholm Family

"Great animal hospital I highly recommend this clinic. Our dog was kicked by a horse and was severely injured and they saved her life. Everyone that works here was very friendly and extremely caring. My dog Penny fell in love with Tina which is totally understanding cause Tina took care of her like she was her own. I love this clinic and we love everyone that works here especially the Dr and Tina thank you very much for saving our Penny. Thank you!" - Moore Family

"I have an older outdoor cat, that had been away for a short time, and then come to the back door with her rear end swollen and infected. The most shocking thing was that I saw several areas where maggots were hatching and moving about.I took her to Dr. Chauhan's office, in Redlands, and she was almost immediately taken into the back to receive treatment and where she stayed for several days in intensive care. Because the cat was really not eating Dr. Chauhan called me to suggest that I come in to talk to her. I followed his advice and came to see her, bringing her normal food and a little tuna, and she then began to eat properly. I visted her each day until I was able to bring her home. Surprisingly, within 3 days, her blood readings were almost normal and I was able to bring her home to care for her myself. I was given very carefully detailed instructions, by Dr. Chauhan himself, along with all the supplies needed for her care. The cost of her treatment and care, from Tuesday through Friday, was as quoted and he also prompted me to call if I had any questions. I had first meet Dr. Chauhan, several years ago, when he was in another office on Sierra Way in San Bernardino and was later disappointed when I found he was no longer there. I felt very pleased to have recently found him again and will continue to use his services as I find his knowledge, manner and care of animals to be superb." - M. White

"I am so excited that you have hired on Moustaf Seoud DVM. He is an amazing doctor. I used his expertise of acupuncture and Chiropractic on my French Bulldog. I would recommend him to anyone who’s beloved animal needs hip, spin, knee, neck, etc attention. Go to Dr. Seoud before you do any surgery. You will be happily surprised and your pet will love you for it." - Melissa Bacall

"My dalmation was in a dog fight and was pretty tore up. East Valley Pet Hospital stitched him back together and helped me through the whole ordeal as well. He is well on his way to recovery and I can’t thank the staff enough for everything they did to work with me." - Vandi

"Paula and my baby Lucy is being cared for here and we can't say enough how wonderful they have been.  Dr. Jammu has been so thoughtful and we feel blessed he and the staff are caring for Lucy." - Jeff Frazier
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