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We offer under water treadmill to our rehabiltation patients. This gives your pet the opportunity to strengthen their muscles, with minimal pressure on their joints. The water temperature is controlled to help increase flexibility and motion. The speed, water level, and duration of activity are all based on your pets' needs. Benifits of hydrotherapy are comfortable movement, muscle strengthening, increased cardiovascular stamina, weight loss, and many more. Ask an EVPH staff member for more information. test
What is Laser Therapy?
Laser therapy is a pain-free and drug-free treatment that is used to treat a variety of injuries, pain, wounds, fractures, neurological conditions, and dermatological problems in pets. It is extremely safe and effective and has no side effects, and no sedation is necessary. A laser therapy treatment delivers high spectrum light waves into the body, relieving discomfort and reducing stiffness.
How it Works:
Laser therapy is a treatment that prompts the body to heal from within. Non- Thermal photons of light are administed directly to your pets' body and absorbed by the injured cells. The cells then become activated and reproduce at a higher speed. The laser also boosts circulation in the body and causes a natural anti-inflammatory reaction, which results in immediate and a dramatic acceleration of the healing process. There is no burning or stinging; your pet will only feel a little warmth on the affected area.  Laser treatments usually last 2-5 minutes per site, and is a drug free way to alleviate acute and chronic pain. Patients seem to be very relaxed, and the results seem to be almost instantaneous. 
Hemp Relief Drops

Hemp Relief is a dietary supplement for dogs and cats. It works as an anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, and pain relief aid. A few drops of Hemp Relief works great when your pet is recovering from surgery, battling arthritis, or has a skin condition. Hemp Relief increases circulation, improves energy, and uplifts the mood of your pet. Use Hemp Relief to calm your pets when traveling or when your pet is visiting the Veterinarian's office.

Hemp Relief Benefits may include: 
Anti- depressent agent
Anti - anxiety agent
Anti - inflammatory agent
Anti - spasmatic agent
Anti - convulsive agent
Anlegesic agent
Improved energy
Improved blood circulation
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